Three Mindset Shifts for More Health, Wealth & Wisdom

Your mind can be your best friend or your worst enemy.

Mindset is the lens through which everything comes into focus.

Everything filters through your mindset, and your mindset interprets how you experience your life. If you learn to control your mindset, you can learn to control your entire life!

If you want the experience of consistent health, wealth and wisdom (and even ‘good luck’) it begins with mindset.

  • You must believe you have already attained your goal and show daily gratitude for it.

  • You must understand that there are many failures on the way to achieving your goal.

  • You must believe that your goal is truly important and worth pushing through any obstacle that arises.

But those are beginner level mindset hacks. Let’s look at a few next-level mindset shifts to help you win at life:

1. The ‘Video Game’ Mindset

Life is the ultimate role-playing game. We each begin as a low-level character starting our unique hero's journey. The game provides side quests to build our skills and gain precious resources. By seeking mentors and allies, we prepare to confront the boss - that major challenge we must overcome to complete the level and continue advancing.

Early levels introduce basic abilities, like crawling and walking as a toddler. The bosses here may be monumental accomplishments like uttering first words or taking initial steps. Completing such milestones unlocks new zones to explore and greater potential abilities.

As we gain points through learning and practice, we level up to take on greater quests. The bosses get tougher too - standing up to bullies, acing exams, getting into college. But our team is stronger too, with supportive friends joining the adventure.

In the adult levels, the challenges become multi-dimensional. Quests are no longer linear, but open-world. Side missions abound like building career skills, finding romance and managing finances. Epic boss battles loom like building a business, getting married, raising children.

Yet with each completed level, our powers expand. We gain access to more resources and abilities to overcome ever more complex challenges. Setbacks still occur, but we learn from mistakes.

The game constantly balances the level of difficulty to remain engaging. If missions become too easy, we lose interest. If we grind too hard, we burn out. The sweet spot is having a clear path that takes effort yet rewards perseverance.

As characters progress into senior levels, priorities shift from conquest to mentorship. You coach new warriors and share hard-earned wisdom. Fulfillment comes from guiding others to hidden treasure you once struggled to find alone.

While the final boss remains mysterious, the journey itself becomes the purpose. Each skill acquired, ally welcomed, and challenge conquered transforms us. What matters is continuing to gain experience points, strength and memories until the last level concludes.

Life is the greatest adventure imaginable - no replay required. The game master gives us endless chances for growth via unexpected twists, enemies, achievements and treasures. Keep gaining experience and leveling up!

2. The ‘Practice and Performance’ Mindset

Life can be seen as a series of practices and performances. In this framing, our actions either prepare us to perform at our peak, or represent those crucial moments of action where performance matters most.

Practice encompasses all activities that build our capabilities. Learning new skills, exercising, proper nutrition, restorative sleep, meditation - these practices expand our potential. Developing supportive relationships provides social nourishment. Enjoyable hobbies refresh us.

Practice also involves planning, goal-setting and organization to engineer the path to peak performance. Failures are re-framed as valuable lessons rather than defeats. Everything becomes an opportunity for growth.

In contrast, performance represents crunch time where our abilities are tested under pressure. Landing the big deal, playing the big show, handling complex and stressful life events - these are performances that assess our competencies. And as we learned in The Video Game mindset, once you are consistently performing well, you will naturally reach a new level in the game.

Anxiety and stress naturally arise in the moments of high performance; proof that the stakes matter. Practice builds the confidence to narrow your focus on excelling without letting anxiety hijack performance. Without ample practice, we inevitably struggle on life’s stage. Exhaustion, distraction, and perfectionism chip away at performance. But with diligent practice, we summon strength and poise to excel when it counts most.

This mindset helps identify dead time that is neither practice nor performance. These distractions sap our precious energy and focus. Minimizing distractions maximizes potential.

Most people will do anything to avoid the stress of growth, so they avoid those opportunities to perform. That is why those who embrace constant growth will find more success than those who are playing it safe. Instead, I encourage you to see life is a beautiful balance between these dual modes. Practice with patience and care. Pour yourself fully into each performance. Distinction between the two eventually dissolves into mastery and flow.

3. The ‘Powerful Creator’ Mindset

Life is a blank canvas awaiting your creative vision. By embracing your identity as a powerful creator, you can manifest anything imaginable.

See each goal, task and challenge as raw materials for crafting a masterful existence. You hold the brush to paint your purpose and passion onto the world's empty pages.

With this mindset, anxieties and obstacles transform into opportunities. Limitations dissolve as you shape life into what you desire most. Your creation awaits only the scope of your imagination.

This mindset empowers you to be bold and pivot your path when intuition whispers you've strayed from your calling. It's never too late to reinvent yourself and bring new dreams to life.

All too often, we create from old conditioning rather than inspiration. Society's expectations constrain our true aspirations. Fear-based thinking corrupts creativity. By recognizing when we are creating from others' expectations, not our soul's expression, we reclaim our power to author our lives in a new way.

The solution is mindfully detaching from the noise to connect with your wellspring of inner wisdom. In stillness, your authentic vision emerges.

When you feel too much pressure from life, or you are just in a funk, repeat out loud:

I am a Powerful Creator.

(affirmation from Deepak Chopra)

When you create from this liberated state of being, your work feels energizing regardless of others’ approval. The process becomes the reward.

Keep channeling this mindset amidst the churn of daily tasks. They are all brushstrokes adding detail to your unfolding masterpiece. Stay present.

You are the Michelangelo of your reality - abundantly talented and empowered. Make your life your greatest work of art.

If you need help shifting your mindset to create a life of balance, abundance and vibrant health, we would love to help you. Book a coaching call here.