The Root Cause of Dis-ease

Reconnect with your natural ability to heal.

Before we talk about dealing with disease, let’s get on the same page about what disease is and why it happens.

This post provides a full breakdown of the Ayurvedic perspective on disease. The information may strike you as philosophical at first, but it’s actually supported by modern science.

You’ll also learn about a simple practice to restore harmony to your physiology, and how its effectiveness is backed by peer reviewed studies.

The Root of All Imbalance and Dis-ease

Ayurveda states that the fundamental cause of all disease and imbalance in the body is ‘pragyapradh’ which means ‘mistake of the intellect’. This mistake isn’t necessarily the mistake of making ‘wrong’ choices but rather the mistake of your mind becoming identified with the outside world instead of with your true nature as unbounded pure consciousness

Disease happens when you become disconnected from the creative intelligence that is at the foundational level of all creation.

The term ‘pure consciousness’ or ‘creative intelligence’ refers to an essential, unchanging state of awareness that is in everyone.

While the concept of healing disease by reconnecting to pure consciousness (your inner intelligence) might seem odd or confusing, it’s actually very simple.

The same intelligence that flows throughout your body - that keeps your heart beating, and your lungs breathing - is what also heals the body.

Ayurveda says that enlivening the innate intelligence in your physiology is what promotes healing and maintains wellbeing. This is done by reestablishing a strong connection between the mind, body, and creative intelligence.

Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science

Ancient philosophers and many yogic traditions speak of 'Maya,' or the illusion of reality. They emphasize that your senses and mind often misinterpret the external world, leading you away from your true essence - pure consciousness. 

Many experiments have shown that your mind does misinterpret what you see. One common phenomenon that helps illustrate this is known as ‘filling in’. It happens when your brain fills in missing information in your blindspot if the other eye is covered. Your mind will fill the blindspot in your vision with whatever information it assumes is correct.

The mistake of the intellect is deeply rooted in Ayurveda and many traditions around the world. Understanding this tendency of your mind empowers you to take your health into your own hands and restore your connection to pure consciousness - the creative intelligence deep within the core of your being, beyond the physical and mental layers.

This consciousness is not influenced by external circumstances, thoughts, emotions, or the physical body.

It's considered the truest form of the self, a state of complete awareness and unity with the universal consciousness, untainted by the distractions and illusions of the material world.

According to Ayurveda, this disconnection from pure consciousness is the root of ALL physical and mental imbalances, manifesting as various diseases and ailments.

The Mind Body Connection

An article titled Mind-body Research Moves Towards the Mainstream published by the National Library of Medicine states, “there is no real division between mind and body because of networks of communication that exist between the brain and neurological, endocrine and immune systems.

The mind and the body are like parallel universes. Anything that happens in the mental universe must leave tracks in the physical one.

Deepak Chopra, MD

The influence of your mind on your physiology is undeniable.

Your thoughts and emotions are deeply interconnected to all aspects of your body. Your thoughts and emotions trigger the release of a multitude of hormones that can aid or interfere with your body’s systems.

There have been hundreds of studies done on what is known as the Gut-Brain Axis’. 

An article published in 2023 by Harvard Medical School titled The Gut-Brain Connection states:

The brain has a direct effect on the stomach and intestines. For example, the very thought of eating can release the stomach's juices before food gets there. This connection goes both ways. A troubled intestine can send signals to the brain, just as a troubled brain can send signals to the gut. Therefore, a person's stomach or intestinal distress can be the cause or the product of anxiety, stress, or depression. That's because the brain and the gastrointestinal (GI) system are intimately connected.”

The article goes on to say, “…it is difficult to try to heal a distressed gut without considering the role of stress and emotion.”

The mind/body connection is like a telephone line - many telephone lines, in fact, teeming with information. Small things like drinking an orange juice or eating an apple is being received like a telephone call to your genes. Every thought, everything you eat, every single little thing can tweak your genes activity towards healing.

Deepak Chopra, MD

Addressing the Root Cause

When you pull up weeds that are invading your garden, you have to remove the root or it will grow back. The same is true when addressing imbalances or disease in the body. If you don’t address the root cause of disharmony within the cells and systems of the body, the ailment will continue to grow.

Most pharmaceutical drugs aim to mask the symptoms of chronic illness, not heal the actual cause or prevent it from returning.

By enlivening your inner intelligence (pure consciousness), you can harmonize the bodily systems and restore balance to heal.

This is where Ayurveda shines.

With a thorough assessment, an Ayurvedic professional can determine what fundamental imbalance is manifesting disease in the body. You’ll then receive recommendations for changes in eating habits, healing herbs, and self-care practices to treat the root cause of the imbalance.

The most effortless, systematic, and effective way to enliven your inner intelligence is through Transcendental Meditation (TM). It allows the nervous system and physiology as a whole deep rest for cellular repair and rejuvenation.

Hundreds of peer reviewed scientific studies have been done proving the myriad of benefits that TM offers.

While other forms of meditation are good, they haven’t been shown to consistently reproduce as many beneficial effects as TM. I had meditated for years prior to learning TM, and I had never experienced such deep peace and bliss as I did that very first day learning from my TM teacher. You can learn more about TM and find a teacher near you at

For greater levels of health, happiness, productivity, and fulfillment, tap into the energy and wisdom that naturally flow through your body - keeping your heart beating and digestion flowing.

It is aways best to speak with an Ayurveda professional about your unique needs, but you can also read my previous post about the Ayurvedic daily routine, which has specific practices that can help restore balance right away.

Remember to always start small.

It takes time to introduce new habits and routines. If you overwhelm yourself with demands to make changes, those changes will be short-lived and have little lasting impact.

We’re here to support you if you need a coach. We’re rooting for you!

** The information provided in this post is for educational purposes only and should not be considered a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always consult with a medical doctor or qualified healthcare provider before attempting any new health practices or routines.